Tuesday, April 28

Free Lovebug Wallpapers to Download!

Been wanting to do this for some time already, so here they are!

How to download:
1. click on the image
(pic should be bigger this time)
2. click 'save image as'
3. Set as desktop background

Hope this made you smile today! Have a nice day!

Oh, and stay tuned for more! I'm gonna put one up each month :)


Sunday, April 26

Announcing the very first Craft Challenge!!!

In efforts of promoting Craft-Making, and recycling, I am proud to introduce the first craft challenge from my blog!

DON't Scroll down yet, just try to guess what this was made from....

Yup! Yup! Yup!
This month's craft challenge theme: Floppy Disks!

I was ransacking my 'store-room' the other day, and i found a stack of old floppy disks. Hmmm... noone uses them anymore nowadays...since the arrival of the thumbdrive right? So I started to think, there's so many of them, I wonder how it could be repurposed. And next things you know, I came up with these...

So, wanna join in the fun? Show what you can do with some floopy disks?
Submit your Entry and you might just get this in your mailbox
He's a cute little crocheted chameleon pal!
He measures 6.5cm x 4cm
He'll be sent by snail mail to 1 winner!


Tuesday, April 21

Calling ALL OLD UNWANTED blings*

Have any old Jewelry and accessories that you want to ditch?
Or some that you bought and don't know what to do with?
Come on over to our booth and drop them in our STASH BOX to be recycled!

In line with my 'revolution-recycle-salvage-repurpose' theme, I'll be putting a box at our booth to collect any old or unwanted jewelry/accesorries. I haven't thought of a trade-item yet. So I'm open to ideas ^_^ Please help ya... Of course if you wish to just donate your old and unwanted jewelry to me...I'd be a very very happy gurl indeed!

I also offer services for redesigning old jewelry (costume jewelry only). Say for example you have a necklace with beads that you really love, but the design isn't what you fancy anymore. Just let me know how you want to restyle it, and i'll see wat i can do for you. The charges will be subject to materials added to the piece and workmanship. Of, course the charges will be agreed upon before i start disecting your jewelry Lols ^_^

NOTE: Trades will be subject to the condition of the items you wish to recycle.
Deals will be subject to on-the-spot negotiation to ensure both parties are happy kay? ^_^

Some Photos from YouthTopia Event

Just a couple of pics so you can see what our booth looked like:
This was our table, i rearranged the stuff quite a few times till i was satisfied!
Thanks to my loving hubby who kept fanning me so i didn't melt or look like i just got caught in the rain! LOLS! I love you, Monsta!

This was the DESTASH corner. Wow! We didn't think they would disappear so soon!!!
Seems like you guys like it alot, so we'll be bringing MORE of my STASH to Monash!
(eeeks...it rhymes)

This, is one of my feature items: Mansfield Park
She's named after Jane Austen's Novel. I fell in love with her novels... so this was inspired by that particular story. It is a matching necklace and earring set. All the findings are silver plated. The hooks for the earrings are 925 sterling silver.
She's got mother-of-pearl beads, and Swarovski Zircons.
The focal pendant is a faceted Mother of Pearl imported from Japan.
Like this? Come to Monash this comming Sat. to see it with your own eyes ^_^

Another one of my featured favorites: 'Berry Royale'
(i still can't get away with naming my creations after food....
i love dessert, yes i do!)
This one's also a necklace-earring set.
It has quality Labradorite Semi-precious stones that were imported from Mexico and USA.
Special cut korean crystals in royal purple and pale lilac bring out the luxurious side of this piece. And to top it off? A black velvet ribbon to tie at the back!
Mexican Labradorites have a blueish-purple hue, while US Labradorites have yellowish hues.
It's truly a very elegant and modern piece
(compared to what you'd usually find in crystal shops).
I was lucky to find this last strand, and in this faceted eye shaped cut too.
These labradorites are the final stock of its kind on hand.

Some other stuff i made....
(the turqouise bracelet has been sold ^_^ )
and i am happy to say that it was sold to a very sweet lady who really loved it!
I'm happy she loved it as much as i did! Thank YOU!
(i'll try to source for frogs, promise ^_^)

final picture....

There will be more at MONASH this Sat. cos i'm busy busy busy now! So do come buy n pay a visit! Lots of fun people and good bargains for clothes and shoes and bags....never get enough of those do you.... LOLs!

sung ting

Monday, April 20

WOOT!!! fun WE had!

This post is for all the cool people we met at YouthTopia@Tropicana City Mall last weekend <3

THANKS for all of you who showed your support n encouragement to us. It really helped us to seriously think about pursuing this further.

It's always more than a joy to know when people admire stuff you make ^_^ Thanks!
Also, special Thanks to all those people who stopped by our booth: just to browse or to buy, we're glad you came all the same!

To Angeline from Chicks Closet and her team, we can't express how grateful we are to have met you all. I am always encouraged by your postings on your blog ^_^ You guys do a really good job, and as young entrepreneurs, we really feel that you've made a space for us in the crowed (over-crowded really) consumer world.

Also, glad to have met nice people, like <3 href="http://thenewcolour.com/">Melissa <3, href="http://sherishopie.blogspot.com/">SheriShopie, fellow handcrafter rocker chick Rachele Chwee ;-) , Amira from Cuppielicious with her great cheese cakes n bakes, Mandy and Megan from The Chocholate Buttons, the folks from Tongue in Chic, and the two blokes of T.B.S Ammar n Haris! Thanks guys for making our 2nd participation such an experience!

To all those people who didn't make it to this Chic's Closet Event, Make sure you don't miss it the next time!!! Come and check it out and meet fun, dynamic, friendly people ^_^

Sung Ting & Shan Chung

Saturday, April 11

Working Hard for YouthTopia Event!

Been working up some new concepts for my craftline. A whole NEW LOOK! and I've finally found my style... Which is abit of everything, hence the name "schizoCRAFTSgurl" cause i just caan't get enough and i do always find myself jumping from one craft to another!!

Took me a long time to design my logo though... i thought of a banner with a buch of art tools and supplies sprouting from the centre...but it looked too complicated. Then i thought of maybe an octopus with some craft in each tentacle...but it wasnt easy either...I think that might just turn into a self portrait, oil on canvas! LOLS!

So, finally, the cute lil' chameleon! Always changing too, and green... the eco-friendly colour. So, here's the namecard:
So, I'm all geared up or rather 'gearing-up' for the event to show off my new creations, and also the new outlook! This time round, the overall idea of my shop will be to appreciate handmade crafts, and in doing so, i hope to encourage people to support Handmade Artists.

When we buy handmade, we are not only purchasing an item, but also a part of the creator's soul. Almost every item will have a story of its own, with alot of heart and feeling put into it.

Buying handmade is also a revolution against the common and over-reproduced items around us. These days, almost every thing comes from a coveyor belt. Where's the art in life? So, support handmade, be original, free your mind - get creative, recycle, repurpose, and personalise!!! After all, we ARE, each n every one of us, OOAK!

So, enough said here, hope to see you there! The lovebugs will be there too (they can't wait to go on their first field trip, and go infect someone with luuuuurrrvvvvee......)

P/S oooh., i forgot to mention FREEBIES for every RM10 purchase of items from my stall!
BE WARNED!!!!! They're CUTE!