Friday, January 23

Yeti Loves You ...

My latest creation! Sigh***and sudden fascination with Yeti's... They seem so big but harmless ^_^ or at least that's my impression of them! haha

Saturday, January 17

Spread the LOve!

Hmmm...finally, my own blog to share abit about my incurable love for all things handmade. I'm really happy today because I've finally finished making my very first brood of 'love-bugs'. Haha, they were actually inspired by the Jonas Brother's Lovebug song. One day I was thinking about the song since it wouldnt stop repeating itself in my head... ^_^ to the point of slight irritation. Then I started to think,..if there really was a 'love-bug' germ, what would it look like? The next moment i was scrawling sketches on my drawing pad and came up with a few 'bugs' of some kind.

Finally i took my pick and here it is now :-)
I actually struggled abit figuring out how i should make the round body. I didn't want it to look flat. I wanted it to be plump and round like a ball. Took some pains experimenting with a small tiny version.
Its pretty sweet when i think about it. If only there really was a love-germ. The kind you spread around when you sneeze, then love would be contagious!
Nice thought huh? I know a few people that I would definitely want to infect! So,...spread the love! Get your own love bug at my shop at Etsy or infect that 'someone' with some lovin' lovebugs ^_^